The Manfreds

Still touring in 2016 original Manfred Mann members Paul Jones, Mike D'abo, Mike Hugg and Tom McGuinness, are joined by Rob Townsend, Marcus Cliffe and Simon Currie as the exciting new line-up of The Manfreds.

Top 10 Hits

Since Manfred Mann formed in 1962, they have firmly secured their place in the history books of British popular and R&B music. Understandable considering the number of top ten hits they have had throughout the world.

Constant Demand!

Since The Manfreds re-formed in 1991, they have been in constant demand throughout the World…understandably considering the number of top ten hits they had, not only with The Manfreds, but also individually.
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Our Latest News!

Starting 19th October 2016 'Maximum Rhythm N' Blues Tour!


The dates are now on our tour dates page!

just wanting to confirm that Mike D'Abo will be touring with the rest of the guys???
I remember reading that he wasn't going to do it any more - Now where have I heard that before?
Not that they aren't brilliant anyway - it's just better when they are all there and can do all the songs
tony oats
Hi guys, i hear that manred man has reformed, it is nice to see you back, by the way, will be performing down in the southwest in cornwall?
Super show again tonight at the Cliffs. Enjoyed it as much as the last time you were here. Hope to see you again next year
Margi and Maria
Thank-you guys for a superb night in Southsea.

Transported back many years to very happy times by brilliant musicians, songwriters and artists who have just got better and better over the years, especially the 'singer with the pretty face'! Each one of the performers, including the fabulous PP Arnold and amazing Zoot Money appeared to be having as much fun on stage as the audience obviously were engaging with the show.

Excellent job, guys. Keep on rockin'!
Chris and Fiona
Great show in Salisbury on Friday night, keep it going, us oldies need bands like you to keep us feeling young.

All the best for the rest of the tour.
Rod W
Pretty good for a bunch of pensioners...
Thanks for amother great show at Basingstoke ..see you nenext year.
Thanks for a fabulous gig at The Orchard, Dartford - What a show! Great band, great songs, and great support from PP Arnold and Zoot Money. Roll on next year, I'll certainly return for more :-)
David P
Went to see The Manfreds again last night ,time has not changed their magic, fantastic show cant wait to see them again next year
Brenda Kaye Heald
Just seen the show tonight in Manchester ... Brilliant ... will definitely be going again
Gloria McQuade
I've just been to see the Manfreds again, in Liverpool, and just had to say what an amazing show it was. I go to see lots of the 60s shows, but I have to say that tonight was one of, if not the best I've seen.
Can't wait for the next Manfreds tour.

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